As an experiment, I’ve set up a couple of boards on Pinterest for images related to my books. They’re both works-in-progress, but have a look and tell me what you think. I’m something of a newbie when it comes to Pinterest, so I’d appreciate any suggestions you can offer me on how to improve them.

The first is for Susan. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of Susan herself, or her husband David Whybrew. But I’ve included a few of the people mentioned in the book, as well as many of the places, such as the Ship Inn in Adelaide and the barracks in Dublin. It’s still quite a small collection. I’ll be adding more pictures as I find them.

Screen shot of Pinterest Board for Susan: convict's daughter

The other relates to the book I’ve just finished. While I’ve been writing it, I’ve collected lots of pictures of Perth in the years between 1895 and 1910, as well as some of the people involved in the story.

Pinterest board for Perth 1895-1910

I’ve also recently changed the title and cover for the free booklet that I offer to anyone who signs up for my Readers List. It used to be called “Are You Sure Dear?” but I decided to be more descriptive, so it’s now Family History Pitfalls.

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