Time to post a quick update on what’s happening with The Edward Street Baby Farm. In August, the editor at Fremantle Press returned the edited version of the manuscript. She had not only gone through every detail of the text, but also carefully checked every reference. With over 300 references, that must have been an eye-straining task. But it was worthwhile, since she found a few errors that I’d missed.

I’ve just finished reviewing her edits and have added the introduction and afterword that she suggested. Now we have a couple of months to do a back-and-forth, finalising the text and copy-editing.

Then in January comes the exciting part – the cover. From our brief discussions, I’d say the editor and I have similar ideas about what it might look like. But it will still be interesting to see what the designer comes up with. I hope I’ll be able to show you what it looks like once it’s finalised.

By March I should have a printed version to look at. And then there’ll be several months of publicity work before The Edward Street Baby Farm finally hits the bookshelves in October next year. (Just in time for Christmas!) It’s a long process, but I’m enjoying seeing how it works.

Progress report