Susan book cover

A friend told me this morning that he’d finished reading my book Susan. He said he chuckled all the way through it, in fact he was chuckling as he told me. I’d never thought of it as being that humorous, so I asked him what he’d found funny. He said he loved the way it was written, and laughed at all the things Susan got up to. “She was certainly a feisty woman!” he said. It made my day to think that the story would appeal to a burly bloke, not just my female friends.

For those who aren’t on Facebook, or who missed my recent post there, the news is that I’ve now finished editing the text of my next book. I still have a lot of work to do tidying up the footnotes, adding maps and lists, and all the other “fiddly” bits. It still doesn’t have a title. (Susan didn’t get a title until I had to have one to put on the cover, so that’s nothing new.) But the end is in sight!

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