Cover of Faith in Crisis

A friend asked recently if she could reprint some of the articles about faith from my Rumours of Hope blog. She wanted to give them to members of her church congregation to encourage them. That led me to wonder if it would be worth putting a small collection of such articles together as a book which could be downloaded.

So I’ve selected thirty articles which I think might be helpful to people in the current COVID crisis. After a lot of editing and formatting, the result is Faith in Crisis. It’s free to download as a PDF. Instructions on how to download and read it can be found here.

Update: I’ve added another free ebook, Hope in Sorrow, which covers topics such as grief, depression and death. I’ve also changed the font in the text of Faith in Crisis to make it easier to read. If you previously downloaded the file and are having trouble reading it, try downloading it again.

Faith in Crisis – Free ebook