The Edward Street Baby Farm book cover and announcement

Yes, it has finally arrived – the release date for The Edward Street Baby Farm. When Fremantle Press accepted my manuscript early last year, I was so excited. When they said it wouldn’t be ready for publication until October 2020, my heart sank. It seemed such a long time to wait. But with all that has happened in the meantime, it doesn’t seem that long now.

The book centres on the story of a murder trial that took place in Perth in 1907 and follows the fascinating, intertwined lives of the three main people involved. But it also looks beyond the trial to its consequences, for those people and for Western Australia. Although it can legitimately be described as ‘true crime’, it overlaps with other genres such as social history, women’s history and biography. This review from Fremantle Shipping News picks out the many facets of the book very well.

The paperback version is available from all good bookshops in Australia and New Zealand, and directly from Fremantle Press. The ebook is available from Amazon, Kobo, ibooks, Google books etc. I understand that it will be released after Christmas in the UK and north America, but it may be available sooner through Book Depository.

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