It may not look much different, but I’ve just finished moving and upgrading this website.

Previously the address bar said “Not secure” before my web address, which was rather off-putting. Now it has a nice little lock and ‘https’ in front of the address, with the ‘s’ standing for ‘secure’. It means people can leave comments, or add their name and email address to subscribe, with more confidence. Google also prefers secure websites.

Data centre, servers, lots of wires, high energy consumption
This is what “the cloud” looks like in real life Image by foudefoot60 from Pixabay

Another reason for moving was that I wanted my site hosted by a company with a commitment to being environmentally responsible. Websites, while apparently quite intangible, in-the-cloud affairs, are stored on web servers in steel-and-concrete data centres which consume a lot of energy.

The web hosting company I’ve moved to (Hostpapa) claims that it purchases all the energy it uses from renewable sources.

Windfarm, windmills in green fields, clean energy source
Image by Jason Gillman from Pixabay

The move caused a few minor glitches. I’ve corrected as many as I can find, but if you come across any broken links or strange hieroglyphics in the text, please let me know.

Website now more secure – and green